March 31, 2012

Broderie Perse Traditional

I just finished and delivered a quilt to our local quilt shop for the upcoming Shop Hop.  The shop owner wanted traditional, which to both of us, meant crosshatching the middle.  Now this quilt is large, 104" square.  That means the middle is also large (Huge).  This was a pretty daunting task to accomplish, first marking then quilting.  With a longarm, a ruler is used to guide the stitching process and even with the use of a ruler guiding the hopping foot one still runs the risk of wobbling off the path and varying the degree of "straight line" which is only noticeable once the quilt is off the frame.  Only then does it jump out at you with a "see me!" attitude.

I was told by a few longarmers that I was very brave in attempting to crosshatch such a large area.  I was successful although I'm not sure I'd attempt it again.  It was definitely a lot of work and took lots of time and care to get it right.

I also stitched around each and every motif on the quilt, from the littlest of leaves to berries.  Chevrons were added in blank areas of one border to draw the eye around the quilt and in some areas I quilted ghost branches/leaves.  Piano keys were placed in the 2 busiest borders about 1" apart.



Kyle said...

You did an absolutely beautiful interpretation on the quilt. You worked your majic once again. I can't wait to see it person.

Jo said...

You are brave and your cross hatch is perfect! Gorgeous work!

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Wow! I would love this quilt on my bed - it's stunning! The colours and pattern are beautiufl. Don't know a thing about quilting but I can only imagine how much work and care goes into making something like this!! I so admire you, I can't sew on a button!! :)