April 3, 2012

Bird's Eye View

Here's a picture of a quilt that I received from a customer.  It's to be done custom with wool batting.  The quilt is a Kansas Trouble pattern made from their fabrics - it actually uses every color of every fabric in the line.  I found it to be a rather odd pattern in that it doesn't seem to have anything to tie it together.  The big block in the middle sits higher than the middle.  Then there's the three little birds that sit on a ribbon - what's the deal with that?  Apparently all of the pieced blocks are historically to represent birds.  So how would you quilt it?

Keep in mind the customer loves wool batting and the poof that it gives so no need to quilt everything down as in a heavy background fill.  I'll show you how I finally quilted it in a later post.  Happy thinking....



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