April 5, 2012


A couple of days ago I posted a photo of a quilt top for a pattern from Kansas Trouble called Bird's Eye View.  Have you thought about how YOU would quilt it?  With the large center block (the one with the black) not even being in the center of the quilt and the 3 birds sitting on a ribbon just floating somewhere on the quilt the decision of what to do was rather difficult.

Also, keeping in mind the customer loves wool batting and the puff and dimension that it gives a quilt, the choice to quilt a heavy background fill in the open area wasn't an option.  Besides, quilting a heavy background and then having to balance the rest of the quilting with it would have been hard.

So here is what I "saw".  A large tree branch or bush at the top - so I carried the branch/leaf theme further into the quilt.  Where there were flowers/leaves I added more.  Where there were butterflies I added more.  Where the 3 birds sat on a ribbon I turned it into the top of a fence and added a floral vine growing on the fence and vines hanging from it.  At the bottom I created grass in the final area of the cream fabric.  In the outside border I did piano keys radiating from the 4 centers of the quilt and in the gold border I made "ghost" blocks and leaves on either side.  Was it a success?  What do you think of my interpretation?




Kyle said...

I love what you decided. I had been thinking, but hadn't come up with anything other than an overall design. But I know that 's not your style. Great job. I know the owner will be very pleased.

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Just beautiful!