April 16, 2012


Yesterday was supposed to be a quilting day but it wasn't.  I got busy organizing and cleaning and well, you know how that goes.  Move one thing and then you move 100 more.

But one thing I did was organize my pearls, beads and buttons.  I had ordered this box online.  It's very rustic and when it arrived it was mostly wood with very little paint.  So I spray painted a little more but kept it sparse to keep that vintage look that I love.  Have you noticed the little latch that it came with?  I just love it.

So now when I sit down to bead a quilt or add pearls or buttons I have everything in one place.  No more searching or wondering where I put something.  Of course with the cleaning and "organizing" that I did yesterday I'm sure the day will come when I wonder "now where did I put ....?"




Kyle said...

Great job! It does take a lot of time to get organized,but it's well worth it when you do get time to work. Your box is perfect for the kind of treasures you have in it.

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

oooh lovely little box - latch is very cute! I got a present once of two bottles of wine in a wooden box that had a little latch like that and I used it for a jewelry box! I wish I did it more but it feels so nice to have things organised!