March 30, 2012


What's with all the ads showing up on blogs these days?  It's irritating and annoying and some of my favorite blogs are allowing it with their choices of security by allowing the advertising.  I don't want more ads in my face.  I don't want anyone targeting me for things they think I might be interested in based on my click of the mouse.  I don't want someone collecting "data" on me.  I even tried to disable the ads by deleting cookies on my computer to "opt out" of ads on a particular blog.  It didn't work - they are still there.

I'm not trying to make money by having ads on my blog.  It's a personal preference I guess.  But it's truly distracting for what I think the original intent of a blog was meant to be.  I vow to never allow an ad on my blog.  Hopefully all of my "permissions" block that type of activity from posting anything on what I have tried to create as something personal and inspiring with beautiful things to think about.

So enough of my ranting for one morning.  Maybe I've gotten it out of my system.


Kyle said...

I agree. We are so bombarded with advertising and solicitations. I try to tune out and use the mute button.

Jo said...

I totally agree! My blog will remain ad free as well. Sad is that many of the fun challenges are hosted by bloggers that choose to monetize.