March 6, 2012

A Mountain Respite

I've been working on numerous customer quilts since the first of the year, so many that I've done 13 thus far.  I am pooped!  And so when a highschool friend and her husband were coming to CO for a visit we just had to spend a couple of days in the mountains with them.  A welcome relief from work.  A rejuvination of sorts.  A place for my soul to rest.

We walked, we laughed, we ate and we slept.  And it was a wonderful 2 days.  Here's some photos of some of what we enjoyed.

Our last night we ate dinner at the Blue Spruce Inn in Frisco.  What a delightful place to dine.  We were lucky enough to sit next to the fireplace.

And then it was back to the hotel to sleep - I guess even Holly was tired as she NEVER cuddles but on this night she was content.  And so were we.
More of the trip in a couple of days.



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Kyle said...

Glad you had a wonderful regrouping and reacquainting weekend. It was a beautiful weekend to be up in the mountains.