June 25, 2014

Les Petite Rosaces

This is a pillowcase that I received from Cindy Needham.  She has one just like it.  We both decided to do our "own thing" with it just to see how different they both can be.  I placed mine on an underlayment of pink dupioni silk.  She placed hers on an underlayment that was a sort of gray-brown.  And then we both used designs that were boutis inspired as our quilting designs.  Cindy's pillowcase in the photo attached is not finished and still a work in progress but you can tell how it's going to turn out.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Of course I would have changed lots of things on mine - aren't we always like that? - least of which is adding the pink but each project is a good learning lesson.

Here is my pillowcase:

And here is Cindy's:

I did name mine Les Petite Rosaces giving credit to the boutis design that I used.  Enjoy.




Kyle said...

The word "stunning" really doesn't do your piece justice. Your ability to transform a pillowcase into this work of art is truly a incredible talent.

Jude said...

Incredible! How on earth do you decide on the designs, Karen? Your work is just amazing. :)

Seams French said...

Your pillowcase is amazing Karen. I love the traditional boutis pattern that you chose. You gave both it and the antique pillowcase a new lease on life. And I think that the rose coloured silk is a perfect complement to the design. Beautiful work!