July 9, 2012

Play Day

It finally cooled off here and I finally took a day off from working.  So my husband and I took off for the mountains.  It was beautiful.  We had to drive through the clouds in the park to get above the clouds.

At 12,000 feet you feel like you're on top of the world and all is calm.  Of course there's always a critter or two that you might spot.  Looks like this marmut has been eating well.

We went to Grand Lake where there's a wonderful place to sit awhile and look at the lake.  Should I sit here -

or here -

And then just looking at all the trees is what I find relaxing.

And now it's back to work.  Hope you enjoyed the little day-cation like I did.




Kyle said...

It's nice to take a break every now and then. It rekindles the spirit.

Susan said...

Hello Karen...Wow, that was a beautiful ride WAY up in the clouds. Thanks for sharing the photos. Also, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. The "picture" shown today is definitely not a needlepoint. It was painted on fabric and then the artist started embroidery, I believe, but never finished. She is charming, don't you think? Susan

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Hey Karen, thank you really enjoyed my trip with you! That seat overlooking the lake looks SO inviting - nice to have a break and go back to work refreshed!