February 16, 2012

New Inspiration

As most of you know I'm having an affair - a love affair with lace and ribbon.  I just can't seem to help myself when I see something beautiful, in a beautiful soft color, I just have to have it.  What will I do with it?  At this point it's anyone's guess.  I dream of making all kinds of things.  It's finding the time that I seem the least capable of accomplishing.  But within the last couple of days I've managed to gather quite the inspiration.

Aren't they just yummy?

And then I was on Pinterest again - that can be dangerous but inspiring as well.  Here's just a few of the photos that inspire me to create.  Wouldn't it be lovely to be at that table having tea and sketching a few new things to create?

Or sitting on this terrace dreaming of where to find the perfect French lace?

Or the smell of lavender and thinking of sachets?

And this church?  Well, need I say more?

And of course who could resist these shoes?  Aren't they just tres chic?
Now if I could just find the time - I've found the inspiration.  



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Anonymous said...

I think you need to take a trip to Europe. Rinda