January 14, 2012

New Year's Good Luck

As I posted on New Year's I had read that it's good luck for the coming year to start a new project and I did.  One year ago I received this linen as a gift from Cindy Needham,  http://blog.cindyneedham.com/ and had decided to use it on a wholecloth for my bed.

It's been days and days of marking and I should have had an investment in blue pens long ago to make up for the number I've gone through for this quilt.  But yesterday, one year to the date, I finished marking it.  Of course there are lots of areas where there appears to be "nothing" and will be "something", tiny feather fills or shells or pebbles.

Now if I can get a good major block of time to get it loaded and quilted - maybe by next January???  And then comes the beading......oh my what have I gotten myself into?  Happy quilting, that's what!



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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - I can't wait to see this project in motion. Rinda