January 6, 2012

The Beauty Within

I have this small picture box with a pink paper rose inside.  It got me to thinking about the beauty within and what it means.  We almost always look for beauty outside of ourselves and fail to see the beauty within ourselves or within others.

I then saw this poem written by Eileen Ramage which she called "The Beauty Within".

Such beauty that lies within
No joy that can compare.
You can search the world all over.
Yon won't find it anywhere.

You may like the shine of diamonds,
The glitter of pure gold,
A body that is beautiful.
Nice things that you can hold.

All these things are fragile.
Get old and pass away.
But the beauty that lies within us
Lasts forever come what may.

This rare and special beauty
Can lay hidden from your view.
I know that you can find it
By searching within you.

Great joy I know will follow.
Your life will now be free.
The serenity that you'll feel
You then can share with me.

Please enjoy looking within.....



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