December 17, 2011


Cindy Needham,, has long been one of my inspirations and good friend.  We first met online and, I don't know about her, but I feel like we've known each other in other lifetimes.  She is a knowledgeable teacher speaking about threads, machine quilting and has her Linen Ladies Club which happens to be my favorite.  If you've never read her blog or been to her website and gallery I highly recommend you take a peek at her quilts.  Linens that have been discarded to antique and junk shops can be made into something new and amazing.  And she does all of this on her domestic sewing machine!  Simply amazing.  Simply inspiring!

I recently discovered one such linen in a local antique store and created this:

Thank you Cindy for your inspiration and friendship!  


Anonymous said...

I love this piece you made. It is so beautiful. And I love your music. Thank you for making my mid-morning cup of coffee relaxing and a bit special. Headed over to Ciney's blog. Rinda

Kyle said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous. You're a very gifted and talent quilter and I love seeing what you create.

moonbear_designs said...

Just picked up your blog from Cindy's. Your work is gorgeous. Looking forward to being inspired. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas! Jo