August 4, 2014

More Boutis

Since I began my boutis journey I've made a few more items.  With the special needles that I was using I just had to have a special place to keep them.  And so I made a small needle case.

I wasn't quite sure how to finish the edge so I did a blanket stitch around the last filled area.  I'd like to do it as historically correct as possible but with me trying to interpret directions in French, things often get lost in translation.

I have also made a small pouch for a dear friend.  I'm thinking it's to be used as lingerie storage but she can use it for whatever she desires.

And I also made her a small item to hang in the window.

I have 2 more items to share with you but they will have to wait until the next time!  My current boutis project is calling my name.  




Grit said...

I love your work. Your small item for the window looks wonderful.
Greetings Grit

Fiona said...

Those are beautiful Karen.

Marie said...

Bonjour Karen, votre blog est magnifique. Que de très belles réalisation en broderie au Boutis!! Félicitations. Je viens de mettre un lien sur mon blog "Boutis passion de Marie.
Amitiés, Marie

Véronica said...

Bonsoir Karen et merci pour votre commentaire sur mon site, le plaid boutis est en phase finale, je pense que pour Noël je pourrai l'offrir à ma fille. Vos réalisations sont très belles aussi et quand on a la passion, on fait de belles choses. Véronica

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